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It was on day 3 of my holiday in Los Angeles that I threw walking out the window, along with my hopes of getting my lost suitcase back before the weekend. I honestly usually don’t mind walking, but at this moment my feet beg to differ. I should have known that walking from Westwood to Beverly Hills was not a good idea. But, I had looked it up on the internet before I left my hotel, and once I saw that it would only take me a little over an hour to walk there, I accepted the challenge. Looking back, this turned out to have been a mistake. An hour might not seem like a lot, but I hadn’t factored in all of the walking that I had done on previous days. It also didn’t help that I came across a humongous shopping mall on my way, which added another three hours of me being on my feet and strolling around. Unsurprisingly, then, my legs don’t feel like walking anymore. My pedometer, which tells me I’ve broken multiple records in the last several days, also reminds me to allow my feet some rest occasionally.

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