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Traveling solo to California

When I first stepped foot on the plane, I was completely convinced I had made a mistake. Even though I had looked forward to my trip for months, saying goodbye to my family and friends felt like torture. “It’s not going to be long until you see them again,” I told myself. “You can do this.” I honestly tried to convince myself, but in that moment I wasn’t so sure if I could.

I had never travelled by myself before. My life has been filled with smaller trips with my family, but most of them were by car, and they were never this long. But on this day, September 13 2017 (I may as well write it in the American format), I officially left for my first solo holiday to California. Los Angeles, to be exact. I’d never been there before, and quite frankly, I was terrified. But as I sat down in my seat on the airplane and looked through the window, the sky opened and a rainbow appeared. “Maybe I should take this as an omen,” my thoughts whispered. Maybe it would actually be okay.

As the plane leaped off the ground and flew high up in the sky, I took out my phone and watched some movies to distract myself. I went back and forth between light-hearted chick-flicks, and emotionally heavy documentaries, my in-flight entertainment corresponding to my mood. Alternating between emotional highs and lows. One moment sad and hopeful the next, with jitters in my stomach.

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